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How to do Sadhana?

Steps for simple daily Gayatri Sadhana to higher spiritual practices like awakening of the Chakras. Special Gayatri Sadhana for women on various phases of life.

What is Gayatri

Gayatri the adi Shakti - is the discerning, pure intellect (Ritambhara Pragya), which unfolds the ultimate truth and absolute knowledge.

Science behind Gayatri

24 letters in Gayatri Mantra related to 24 glands located in the body which, on getting stimulated, activate and awaken the powers of righteous wisdom.

Yagya in Gayatri Sadhana

Gayatri has been called righteous wisdom and Yagya as righteous action. Gayatri and Yagya form an inseparable pair. One is said to be the mother and the other, the father of 'Bhartiya Dharma'.